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October 31, 2016
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The kids are growing up. I notice it most around holidays, not only because those are the times that I can best remember back to previous years, but also because their interest in the different holidays is changing as they get older. When the boys were younger we spent a few days every year planning out homemade costumes. We would ‘design’ the costumes, buy the supplies, and then make them. My favorite was the year they were a king and a viking  but the Nasa Scientist and Astronaut was a good year too (there was also that epic year that Henry was a front loader but that was before the blog…). But the truth is that as the boys get older they want costumes that they see their friends wearing and we also don’t seem to have as much time. So this year we bought costumes (gasp!) but I was touched that Henry still wanted to draw his costume in our Halloween book so this year I present you with…

A ninja!


And a ghost!


And this morning at school the boys drew each other’s costumes, pretty awesome!


Over the weekend we carved pumpkins with friends and this year the boys were able to do almost all the carving on their own.


Happy Halloween!


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