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Northwesty Trip 2015 :: Part 3

December 3, 2015

After a week on the coast and a week in the islands, it was time to head inland!

Day 15: Woke up super early, made it out of the campground overflow lot with not much hassle, and took the ferry to Vancouver!


It was the day before the FIFA Women’s Cup final game between USA and Japan was going to be played in Vancouver and we hadn’t reserved a place to stay, so we were out of luck.


Instead of doing the touristy things in town like we planned, we quickly checked out the stadium and drove through town before heading up to the Nairn Falls Provincial Park campground near Whistler. Sam took the boys swimming while I did the laundry. It wouldn’t have been so bad, if wasn’t so hot and smokey! 

Lesson Learned: Have I mentioned before that it’s worth paying to have someone else do the laundry?

Day 16: We spent the day in Whistler, biking at the skate and bmx park, having lunch, and people watching. Spent the hot afternoon cooling off in Alta lake.


Lesson Learned: There is some great people watching in Whistler. And just when you think that you are only an observer, that no one is watching you, a whole group of school girls asked to take photos with Oliver.


Day 17: There were a lot of forest fires all over BC. The last few days around Whistler had been really hot and smoky. After researching where the fires were so that we could avoid driving towards them we had a smoky yet beautiful drive from from Pemberton to Shuswap Lake Provincial Park.   


Lesson Learned: Campgrounds in Canada, just may be the best. What an awesome campground!


Day 18: Lake Shuswap was huge and clear and made for an awesome place to go for a swim. 

P1150487P1150500 P1150504P1150519

The long drive through Glacier National Park (the Canadian one) to Yoho National Park was beautiful. We camped at Monarch Campground in Yoho National Park.


Lesson Learned: Trying to get everyone to bed at a reasonable time when it gets dark at 10:30 or 11 is almost impossible.


Day 19: Checked out Emerald Lake



…and then drove into Banff National Park to see the amazing views of glaciers and beautiful glacial lakes. Each one was more stunning than the next.


IMG_6340P1150560 P1150569P1150566

We also walked up to the Columbia Icefield.


Up to this point we had been on some seriously beautiful drives, but none were as spectacular as the Icefields Parkway drive from Banff to Jasper.

P1150578P1150598 P1150604P1150602


Lesson Learned: If you camp at a place called Mosquito Creek, be prepared for mosquitos!

Day 20: Woke up to a beautiful view of Mosquito Creek…



…and drove to Lake Louise. Good people watching here too, although no one asked to take photos this time.



 We then drove through the town of Banff on a beautiful but looooong drive through rolling fields on our way to Waterton Lakes National Park where we meet up with my best friend and her family for a few days.

Lesson Learned: The dogs go crazy after a few long driving days in a row. Dos jumped out the window of the van, breaking the screen. Good thing he didn’t get eaten by a cougar!

Day 21: Our friends took us on a sweet little hike to Red Rock Canyon where we splashed in the stream.




Later that afternoon we went paddle boarding at Waterton Lake.



Lesson Learned: Eating dinner at someones’ house after being on the road for weeks is wonderful! 

Day 22: Sam went for a run to the boarder…



…then it was time for hanging out at the lake where everyone got a turn on the paddleboard.


Lesson Learned: Visiting a place that is well known by a friend is the best way to visit! We had such a good time getting to know Waterton through the eyes of our friends who have been coming for years. What a special time to spend together.


Next up: the long drive home!


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