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NorthWesty Trip 2015 :: Part 1

September 21, 2015

Three years ago we went on an epic road trip. We drove up the California, Oregon, and Washington coast in our Westy before turning around and driving back again through central Washington, Oregon, and finally home. The whole trip took 25 days. We learned a lot on that trip, we learned how to live in the Westy and how to weather the ups and downs of a long trip with two young kids (the boys were 6 and 3). We have done other Westy trips over the past few years, but none were as long or as ambitious as our Northwesty Trip.

Until this summer…in June we embarked on a second Northwesty trip and this time with our two dogs! For the first week we followed a similar route to the one we took last time, but in half the time…

Day 1: After a busy week and several extra hours of packing we left mid-day for a long hot drive to Hidden Springs Campground in the Humboldt Redwood State Park.


Lesson Learned: It is really hard to get a good selfie with both dogs on my lap.


Day 2: Father’s Day! We spent the morning at Mad River beach in Arcata…


…before heading to Mill Creek campground in the Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. The boys had a great time exploring the campground and redwoods looking for bugs until Henry got stung by wasps. Poor Henry!

Lesson Learned: If you hear screaming and you can’t tell if it’s happy-joyful screaming or I’ve-been-stung-by-a-wasp screaming, you should go with the wasp screaming.

Day 3: Another beautiful drive up the California and then Oregon coast!


We camped at Sunset Bay State Park, a spot that we wanted to camp at last time, but had missed out on. While Henry and I set up camp. Oliver and Sam went on a wild paddleboard adventure where they tried to land on the beach and had a wipeout!


Lesson Learned: When you think it’s a bad idea and your nine year old thinks it’s a good idea…it’s a bad idea.


Day 4: After checking out the seal colony…


…we headed into Coos Bay to run errands and get a yummy lunch at our favorite fish market! Then it was off to play at the Oregon Dunes, the beach, and a long drive to Cape Lookout State Park. P1140827P1140829


Lesson Learned: Never pass up a good fish market on a road trip.


Day 5: Fort Clatsop was one of the highlights on our last trip so we made an effort to go back and this time we were there to see the musket demonstration. Oliver did a school project about Sacajawea last year and knew all kinds of cool facts about her and the Lewis and Clark expedition.



We then got back in the car for a long drive to Kalaloch Campground in Olympic National Park where we got the last campsite.

Lesson Learned: Always book ahead when camping at Kalaloch, we were lucky to get a site!


Day 6: After a quick visit to Lake Crescent…


…we headed into Port Angeles and the Heart O’the Hills campground in Olympic National Park where we camped for three nights with our friends!

Lesson Learned: When possible, drop your laundry off to get it washed for you!!


Day 7: Phew, it was a hot day on the Olympic Peninsula. After sweating through breakfast we headed back down to Lake Crescent for a hike along the Spruce Railroad trail to an awesome swimming spot. Sam and Oliver took the paddleboard out to jump off a rock while the little kids entertained themselves with splashing in the water and throwing rocks.


Lesson Learned: Never leave your camera with the kids unless you want 130 crappy selfies.


Day 8: We drove up to Hurricane Ridge to take in the spectacular view…


..and then spent the afternoon cooling off in the Elwha River.


Lesson Learned: Always cook the potatoes before putting them in the foil wrapped pack to cook over the campfire. Dinner was delicious, but not the potatoes…

This first week was mainly about revisiting our last Northwesty Trip, we went back to some of the same places that we had visited before and checked out new places that we missed the last time around. We also talked a lot about the last trip and how much the boys have changed since then. Henry is the same age that Oliver was on our first Northwesty Trip and while Oliver remembers some of the trip Henry didn’t remember any of it.

And we celebrated our 11 year anniversary!



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