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Winter Beach Adventures

January 15, 2015

Over the past few weeks we took some great trips to the beach. There is something so wonderful about a cold, foggy, winter beach day. No need for sunscreen or swimsuits, just running up and down the beach, playing in the dunes, and checking out the waves.


The day we went to Fort Funston was during a “King Tide,” so the water came all the way up to the dunes.


Luckily no one was swept away!


A few weeks later we took a trip to China Camp. Another foggy, rocky beach day with rock throwing and beach combing.


After our walk on the beach we checked out the historic shrimp-fishing camp that was settled by Chinese fishermen in the 1880’s. There is a small interpretive center that shares the history of the place. IMG_4844IMG_4845IMG_4846IMG_4861IMG_4866IMG_4849IMG_4851IMG_4855IMG_4860IMG_4867

Oliver was very proud to have found the small piece of pottery that is a match to the Chinese vessel they had on display at the center. Archaeology in action…

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