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Week of Awesome Fun!

August 13, 2014

We just got back from a long camping trip and I have loads of photos to go through, but before I share those, I want to tell you about the most amazing visit from Sam’s sister and her family. They were only in town for a week but we did so many fun things!

A trip on the ferry:


To the Exploratorium! While we were there we had a great time looking at all the displays, but the most fun was had was at the tactile dome. This is a pitch dark room that you make your way through using your touch and communicating with your group. You have to climb, go down slides, and maneuver through the maze like space all while feeling your way through. There are different tactile surfaces to explore along the way and little surprises waiting. I hadn’t gone since I was a little kid when the whole thing was really scary. It still is a little scary but this time we had a blast!


We also went to the California Academy of Sciences which is always a great time.  Some of the highlights were the earthquake room, the rainforest dome (three levels of an ecosystem), the coral reef, the yummy lunch, and the living roof!

P1120845P1120847 P1120852P1120858 P1120865P1120873

While they were in town we also got to take everyone to some our favorite places, the UC Botanical Gardens:


And Adventure Playground:



What cute cousins!

But the real trip-de-resistance was spending a couple of days in Santa Cruz. The weather was beautiful and sunny and we went to the wharf, the beach, the pool, and of course the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! WooHoo! The kids had such a fun time on all the rides, eating too much junk food, and playing arcade games. We came home with an army of crappy stuffed animals!

P1120963P1120964 P1120986P1130001 P1130005P1130019 P1130023P1130030

To end the week we had a box at the A’s game and a surprise visit from friends to help celebrate Sam’s birthday (oops, no photos)! It was such a wonderful time with everyone and we were so sad when our Week of Awesome Fun came to an end. We miss you guys and can’t wait for the next visit!


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