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Life with two boys and two dogs

March 23, 2014
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Its been a few weeks since Dos entered our lives and much like what happened when we got Peso, it has been an adjustment. And also just like last time, we have had a couple of moments where everywhere we turn there was a dog peeing on the floor, kids fighting over a toy, the dogs fighting over a toy, kids making messes, dogs making messes, repeat.


The boys are having a lot of fun with Dos. He is a really snuggly little dog and the boys love to cuddle him and carry him around.



And Peso and Dos are a good pair. Both energetic and playful, they have the best time running around after each other. Peso is much faster and the alfa dog, but Dos gives him a run for his money. The energy level is really high at our house!

Luckily it means that they also tire each other out.


Aww! What sweet puppies!


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