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FO: Trolls and an update on goals

March 21, 2014

Hey! That rhymes!

In January I set out to accomplish some knitting goals and to get motivated I joined this Knitting Resolution KAL. Here’s an update of what I’ve done so far:

1) Go through knitting stuff to organize and take stock. Done! I went through all my yarn, needles, etc… and got organized and updated my Ravelry project and stash pages. Phew!

2) Finish up wips that are languishing or frog them. Finished up my Random Ripple Blanket


and this little hat:


and frogged the cowl that I had made to go with these mitts. It was my own “design” and although I wore it a few times, I never really loved it. But I love the yarn:


3) Make something for myself! Hopefully in time for my birthday! 

Oh well, I didn’t get around to making anything for myself for my birthday, but I do have some ideas. I got sidetracked by life, a new puppy,  and these


They are the Troll Hat and were super fun and fast to make.



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