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Winter Break :: Part 1

February 23, 2014
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Today wrapped up a long week with the boys. It was their “winter” break and between that and Sam being super busy with school/work I was with the boys for a week non-stop. That is a long time to be with two active boys!


In the past I have tried to organize lots of fun things to do, but honestly, I wasn’t feeling that motivate this time around. We still did some fun things, playdates, going to the park, a visit to the Laurence Hall of Science etc.. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we tried to go out as much as possible.


One of the highlights of the week was visiting the UC Botanical Gardens. We are big botanical garden fans. I like to see all the beautiful and different plants, the boys like to explore all the pathways, bridges, and greenhouses. This was our first trip to the UC Botanical Gardens in a while.  Its such a lovely, well-maintained garden. There are some great views and lots and lots of plants!


The boys were really enamored of the maps. We had to stop every few minutes to check our progress on them.



Between the maps, the snack breaks, and reading off every Bed number, I’m surprised we covered as much ground as we did! Again with the maps:


It was a long week and we definitely had our ups and downs, but I’m feeling blessed to be able to spend time with my sweet and adventurous boys.



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