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Looking forward and looking back

September 7, 2013
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The boys started school this week but it doesn’t look like I’m going to get any amazing First Day of School Photos . I thought about trying again another day, but I think I’ll just leave it be.  The first day of school is such an exciting and rushed one, that it’s amazing that we got to school at all!

Here was Oliver’s first day of Second Grade:


(Do we have to take photos?)

And Henry’s second year of Pre-School:


(Can you put that thing away so I can start playing?)

The boys first week went well! They like their teachers and seeing their friends. They have been coming home with all these great ideas and wanting to tell me about all the things that they have been learning at school. But it has also been hard getting out of the summer mode. To get dressed in the mornings and not stay in our PJs all day. To get out of the house and not stay at home until 10. There is a fair bit of wishing that it was still summer. So instead of cute first day of school photos, I’ll leave you with some cute summer photos.




School will be fun, but I think we are going to miss the summer.

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