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Westy Trip 2013 :: Part 2

August 24, 2013

Day 6: After leaving Bass Lake we got ready for next part of our trip: Yosemite. The drive was beautiful and we stopped by the Yosemite Fire Station to visit our friend who is a firefighter there.


This must be the fire station with the best views!

The boys loved seeing the fire engine and got to go inside.


A quick dip in the river and then off to Tuolumne Meadows Campground to meet up with a big group of friends.  Lesson learned: You never know when a sweet moment between brothers, could end up as a rock fight.


Day 7: Relaxing day hanging out by the river:


And checking out Tuolumne meadows:



Lesson learned:…. P1090205

Day 8: Spent a wonderful morning at Lake Tenaya.


Our friends brought paddle boards so Sam, Oliver, and I got to try them out. . What fun!


Henry preferred to play in the sand.


In the afternoon, Sam and Oliver hiked up Lembert Dome.


Lesson learned: Two kids on a paddle board is a recipe for disaster.

Day 9:  Said goodbye to our friends, left Yosemite, and drove over Tioga Pass.


From there we drove to Mono Lake. What an amazing and surreal place!


Lesson learned: Peso doesn’t make a reliable guard dog. He barks at friendly neighbors, especially skateboarders, and once went ballistic when he saw a horse. But when a huge animal (possibly a mountain lion!) walked right by our campground, he didn’t even growl.

Day 10: We inched over Sonora Pass:


And checked out the geological area the Columns of the Giants:




From there we drove to the Pinecrest area and camped at the Fraser Flat Campground along the river. If felt so refreshing to jump in the river. After several days without a shower, I felt so clean! Lesson learned: You never know when the clean river that you are luxuriating in is actually the hangout spot for a herd of cows…yuck!

Day 11: Long, hot drive home with yummy lunch food and central valley fruit!

Lesson learned: This trip was much shorter than our trip last year and unlike that one, we ended up staying at both Bass Lake and Tuolumne Meadows for several nights instead of moving each day. I did miss the more nomadic style but it was nice spending more time in those areas and getting to explore them in-depth. It was also wonderful to camp with friends. Overall it was a great trip! The boys love camping and had fun biking and exploring. Sam and I had fun hanging out by the campfire and playing card games. Peso loved sleeping in our sleeping bags at night. We lucked out with weather, the van performed well at the higher altitudes, and barring one big fall, we all escaped with no injuries. But we were all glad to get home. I overheard this funny conversation as we were driving back home.  Oliver: “I’m so happy to see my house!” Henry: “My house is going to be so excited to see me. It’s going to throw me up into the air!”

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  1. August 24, 2013 5:02 PM

    You guys really, really make me want to get a Westy. I think I’m going to look into it. Maybe next year we can meet you in the mountains! Looks like an amazing trip all around.

  2. Tash permalink
    August 24, 2013 6:23 PM

    What a fabulous vacation. Mono Lake looks incredible. xoxo

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