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June 6, 2013

As I wrote a while back, the last few months have been BuSy!  In April I organized the art portion of my sons’ school auction. The art raised around $5000! Here are some of the projects on display at the opening of the online auction and at the gala event.

P1070983 P1080101

That same weekend Sam ran in the Boston Marathon. Of course that was a very emotional time with wonderful highs and frightening and tragic lows. The boys and I didn’t go with him but Sam’s family and some friends were there to cheer him on. My sister-in-law blogged about the experience here. My father-in-law took these great photos from during and after the marathon.



Sam we are so proud of you!

We also celebrated both boys birthdays! First up was Henry’s party with a BBQ at the park (more awesome photos from my father-in-law):

IMG_8509 IMG_8529

Then Oliver’s:

Uhhhh. I guess I didn’t take any photos of his party.

So no photos of the baseball game the kids played or of the birthday boy playing in poison oak, but here is the fun dessert I made for the party. Its a recipe from The Pioneer Woman that I have been wanting to make for ages. Worms in Dirt!  It is made with short bread, then a gummy worm, then ice cream and ground up Oreo’s, plus another gummy worm on top.



I made a cheat sheet so everyone could get the flavor they wanted. Yum!


Between all that we did loads of other things. I went in to Oliver’s class to talk about archaeology. He’s just finishing up first grade so I made up these fake test pits with a few “artifacts.” I didn’t want to mess with having the kids dig up artifacts from kitty litter or anything like that so I just placed the artifacts on a tray. The kids drew up a map of the excavation and counted and named the artifacts. It was really fun going into the class and the kids asked such great questions.


We also went on a quick camping trip to New Brighton State Beach with friends.


And the boys favorite…the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Here we are after Logger’s Revenge!


Between camping and an amusement park, both boys were wiped out:


I had thought that after all the busy end of the year events we would be headed for some calm times, but no such luck. Summer is just around the corner and we are gearing up for some really fun things!  Also we now have a dog…


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  1. June 6, 2013 8:11 PM

    Love it. What lucky boys they are. I remember when you came and did an amazing archeology dig with my fourth grade students and they loved it!


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