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Life with two boys and a dog

May 27, 2013

Its been two weeks since Peso came into our lives and he has become a great addition to our little family. They boys continue to love him, carry him around, and have fun with him.

From Oliver's Homework!

Picture of Peso from Oliver’s Homework!

There have been some challenges. One afternoon in particular was memorable. I walk into the kitchen and realized that its a total mess, there are dirty dishes all over the counter and table. I start to clean it up when the boys run in, the dog has peed on the carpet.  I grab some paper towels and the spry, walk into the TV room and start to clean up. Two boys and a dog aren’t that bad, I can do this. I go back into the kitchen to finish the dishes where I realize that there are ants getting into the garbage. No bid deal, I wipe them up and put out an ant stake.  After a few more minutes cleaning up the kitchen I realize I don’t know where the dog or the boys are. While I was dealing with the mess in the kitchen Henry had used an entire glue stick and covered a chair with it, like paint. After cleaning that up, I decide I need a break. I go upstairs and find this…

What Peso does with a cardboard box in his crate

What Peso does with a cardboard box in his crate

Ahhh life with two boys and a dog. But since then, things have been getting easier. He is a super sweet, cuddly little guy, he’s great with kids, and we have been having a lot of fun showing him new places and guessing about his life before he came to us.


Today we took him to the beach near Albany Bulb. At first he was a little wary of the sand and he never did go near the water, but after a few minutes, he had a great time dashing around the sand, playing fetch, and meeting other dogs.


The boys of course played in the sand too:

P1080324 P1080296


And explored around the concrete rubble and urban art:


P1080339 P1080355



Life with two boys and a dog… the kitchen might be a mess and there is probably pee on the floor, but we can still have fun.


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