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Meet the new addition to our family!

May 14, 2013



He wandered on to the school yard where my husband teaches and it was love at first sight. I get a text.


Can we keep him?

Of course! We were thinking about getting a dog, but I guess the dog found us first.


We named him Peso and now the boys think he speaks Spanish. Henry loves carrying him around saying “Afuera?” and  “Para, no me gusta” every time Peso licks his face.


Oliver has taken to treating him like a little brother and talking to him in baby talk: “No, you no like that. That no food, this dog food.”


The boys have been fighting over loving taking him for walks, but I know that is not going to last long.

He’s energetic but super sweet and cuddly. He’s cute but covered with dirt and oil stains. He’s smart and friendly but a little skittish. Hmmmm, he reminds me of  some other people I know.


I think he’s going to fit right in to our family!

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  1. May 15, 2013 2:06 PM

    Cuteness! He looks like he is already a perfect fit! Such serendipity. I love it.


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