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100th Post!

March 9, 2013

I really don’t have anything exciting to say except that this is my 100th post! It was also recently the 100th day of school!


The weather is getting sunnier and warmer in the Bay Area and we have been having lots of fun in the backyard. Both boys love playing in the dirt and mud, just like their mama.

Henry has become an expert in the making of mud soup:


Its a very complicated recipe.


Meanwhile, Oliver has been running his own archaeological excavations.


Here he is patiently explaining his theories on how this artifact got into our backyard. The most plausible of his theories revolves around our great ancestors breaking bowls from IKEA and then throwing them outside in their haste to escape the 1923 fire. Never mind that our great ancestors didn’t live in this area in 1923 or shop at IKEA.


Its also ice cream weather.


I think Henry might like chocolate as much as I do!


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