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Looking forward

January 1, 2013

After the epic fail of not completing last years New Years Resolutions, this year I decided to go small. I have some personal resolutions about making more me-time and focusing on the family, and here are some crafty goals I’m going to work on:

Crafty Resolutions for 2013 

1) Keeping my stash under control. Use up what I have before buying something new. Buy only for one project at a time. This was one goal from last year that really helped (when I followed it:)

2) Find a nice, accessible place to put all my crafting things. Right now I have yarn, needles, and books, in three different places in the house, and that only includes my knitting and crochet stuff…

3) Make time (everyday) to be creative. Knitting or crocheting, doing art projects with the kids, cooking yummy food, taking photos on my walk to work, etc… I love doing little creative projects but sometimes these get swept aside with all the chores, errands, and wasting time on the internet.

Here is to the new year!

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  1. projectstash permalink
    January 1, 2013 5:02 PM

    These are each lovely goals & I bet you will accomplish them!


  1. ~reflections and resolutions~ | Ducklings in a Row

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