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Birthday Extravaganza!

May 19, 2012
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Looking at my blog posts for the past month or so it looks like all I have done is knit and do art projects. Really we had two birthdays here. I didn’t really take many photos during the boys’ parties since my father-in-law is the one who takes the photos at family gatherings. He is a great photographer. He has an amazing camera and lens but more importantly, a great eye for a good picture, the lighting, and the patience to make it happen. He dropped off his pictures yesterday so now I can show you all the fun we have been having!

Henry turned three in April and is fully a three year-old now. He excels in silly potty humor, wrestling and annoying his brother, and alternating between extreme sweetness and  obstreperousness  (is that even a word?).

Here he is playing T-Ball at his birthday party:

Cake time. What a big boy!

And Oliver turned six a few weeks ago. I can’t believe that my little baby is six years old. It seems so cliché but I really don’t know how he grew up so  fast. From a wrinkly little baby into a KID! A kid who is vivacious, sensitive, caring, wild and fun. And so full of curiosity. (also obstreperous, yes there is a lot of that going on around here!) Here he is at his birthday party:

We had his party at Robert’s Park in the East Bay Regional Park. What a great park. Our picnic site was a redwood grove which was nice and shady on such a warm day. The kids had fun running around in the forest. We put together a little nature scavenger hunt for the kids to do. Here is Henry attempting his:

Now time for cake:

Happy Birthday Oliver and Henry. We love you so much!

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  1. May 20, 2012 8:20 PM

    so cute. love the t-ball photos

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