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Painting in the back yard

February 22, 2012

Friends and I were talking the other day about wanting to do more with our kids, enriching them more if you will. How we look at mommy blogs and feel like we don’t do enough to bring crafts, science, and other learning experiences home. But when we do projects with the kids it often end up like this.

Anyways, I still like crafting with the boys and want to do more of it. I came across this idea on Pinterest (I can’t find it now… ) and realized that I we could make this today.

Its pretty self explanatory, you dip the end of cardboard paper towel rolls into paint and  blot them on paper, change colors and repeat. The boys and I did this this morning. It started out so cute:

But quickly turned into this:


Still very cute, but different.

I make a few with circles and just let the boys paint how they wanted. I learned a while ago that I can’t force them to make something how I want them to or how its “supposed” to be done. So I enjoy being with them and creating art. But in case you think we blissfully spend our days doing art, I should tell you that this took 10 minutes, not including the set up and clean up (see Scenario 1 in the link above;). Then they spent the rest of the morning in the back yard, digging, pulling up “weeds,” and hitting each other with shovels. Good times…


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