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Advent Update- Activities!

December 15, 2011

Phew, its been a busy last few weeks with Advent, getting ready for Christmas, and a little sickness thrown in for good measure. Advent has been a blast. They boys love their Playmobil ones but they were a little disappointed to hear that there was no chocolate one this year. So I made up for it with this first Advent activity:

Oh no! What’s that? Is it Sinterklaas?

Watch out Sinterklass, you are going to get it:

Yum, enough chocolate for the whole month!

Here are some of the other Advent activities that we have been doing. We went back to Ardenwood for their Winter Festival.

It wasn’t as fun or as crowded as their Harvest Festival, but it was a beautiful sunny day and we had a lovely picnic on the lawn.

The boys got Christmas PJs and then proceeded to wrestle in them.

Then we went to the California State Railroad Museum for their Polar Express Train Ride. It was really fun. There was music, cookies, hot chocolate. We took the train all the way to the North Pole (in only 20 minutes) and saw Santa, who then got on the train and gave everyone a little bell.

Happy Advent and stay tuned for the Advent crafts we have been doing…

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