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Work in Progress Wednesday #2

September 28, 2011

Its been a busy few weeks and I haven’t had a chance to blog…or do the dishes. The boys are back in school and so far so good. They are loving it, but exhausted most afternoons. And hungry. Note to self: get more afternoon snacks! I’ve also gone back to work which has been fun, but time-consuming.

So tonight, I have dumped ALL my yarn on to the floor and here is what I have:

  • 31 skeins, hanks or balls of yarn! WOAH. That is enough yarn to knit a weird huge eclectic blanket. Or a giant poncho. Unfortunately none of it is the right color to make a San Francisco Giants Poncho, which is what my husband really wants.
  • 4 official WIPs (works in progress). Top Left- crocheted Baby its Cold Outside sweater, Top Right- supposed to be the Foliage Beanie but ended up as a rasta hat (my gauge was off and I think I might frog it), Bottom Right- I’ve done a few more leaves on my Saroyan, Bottom Left- the pink one is a knit baby beanie.
  • 2 FO (finnished objects). Its really three..stay tuned for more photos.
  • and some crackers…yes that’s right, somebody has been putting crackers in with the the yarn. Wait, next time the boys are hungry after school I’ll have them to look in my yarn.

I think I have to get to work…

You can check out other WIPs by other crafters at Tami’s Amis 


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