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Big week

September 10, 2011
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Wednesday was O’s first day of Kindergarten. He was very apprehensive about it until the last minute, but once we got to his classroom and started looking around he was ready. Just one huge hug for H and I, and he was off. He has been pretty wiped out when he gets home but so far I think he is really enjoying school. Today he said “It isn’t even boring.” Here is to a good year!

After we dropped O off, H and I were in need of a little cheering up, so we went to Tilden Park to feed all the cute animals at the Little Farm. There are some one month old piglets there right now, which was H’s favorite.

H desided that all the celery should go to the goats and one sheep:

Then we went to the Botanical Gardens:

It was a big morning. I’m writing up a  list of the fun things that we like to do in Tilden for a Bay Area parenting website, so we took lots of photos. I’ll leave you with this:


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