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WIP: Lavender Honey again

July 23, 2014

The boys have been at camp the past few weeks and have been having such a great time making new friends, learning camp songs, and just having fun! But they also both got sick and had to stay home a day or two each. Luckily for the boys, the dogs took good care of them. Luckily for me, I had my knitting to work on.

First Oliver:

IMG_4051 IMG_4094

Then Henry:

IMG_4108 IMG_4139

While the boys were snuggling with the dogs, I made a lot of progress on my Lavender Honey Cowl.


Thankfully the boys are all better, back to their normal ways, and back to camp!



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WIP: Lavender Honey

July 16, 2014

I just started a new project, or I guess I should say that I just restarted a new project. I had already knit the first 10 rows when I realized that I had twisted my stitches, ack! So I ripped it all out and started again.


Its the Honey Cowl and although its been in my queue for ages, I’m just getting around to knitting it.


I’m using yarn from my Yarnbox. Hopefully this time  it works out…

Budding Photographers*

July 10, 2014
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Last week we also went to the UC Botanical Gardens to see the Puya raimondii as it was blooming.



The boys were more impressed by all the facts about The Queen of the Andes (that it only blooms every 80-100 years in the wild and that this is the youngest bloom in captivity) then they were impressed by the actual plant, but we had a wonderful time exploring the gardens. The boys took turns leading the way through all the twists and turns of the garden and the “leader” was also the “photographer.”


They ended up taking over 100 photos that day! Most of them are of their shoes or fuzzy shots of random plants, but here are some of our favorites:

P1120489P1120494 P1120505P1120509 P1120521P1120530 P1120545P1120558 P1120560P1120573P1120566P1120577P1120584P1120591 P1120594P1120613 P1120603P1120626

If you look really closely at the first shot, you can see a litter of baby raccoons.


*pun intended!



July 7, 2014
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For Christmas Sam gave me six month subscription to Yarnbox. It is a monthly subscription box for, you guessed it…Yarn!  Each month you get two skeins of yarn, a few free patterns, and sometimes they throw in something extra. I recently got my sixth box in the mail and let me tell you, this is the gift that keeps on giving! I couldn’t wait to get my little box every month and see what surprises it held. It is like Christmas every month!


You want to see what I got??!?!










P1110906 P1110910

And June!


P1120253 P1120255

Different colors of the same yarn and even different types of yarns are sent out to the subscribers every month, which you can see on the Yarnbox blog (you can see all the details about the yarns that I got by looking at my stash on Ravelry). There is also a healthy trading thread on Ravelry, so if you don’t like the color that you got, you can see if anyone wants to trade. So far I have held on to my yarn, but I may start to trade if I don’t start using it soon. Which brings me to the biggest drawback…there’s not enough time for me to use all this beautiful yarn!!

We already get a veggie box, a meat box, and a wine box.  The only thing I need is a chocolate box!

Third week of Camp Mom

July 5, 2014

The boys and I just wrapped up three weeks of what I like to call “Camp Mom.”

This week we did a little more learning:


A little more hiking:


With a bit of sword fighting:



A little creative building:



And a cold and windy romp at the beach:



It is so special to spend such a long stretch of quality time with my boys. It took a lot of planing and patience and there were times that were hard and frustrating. But overall we had three weeks of fun, silly, and special time together. The boys start “real” camp next week and I’m going to miss them.




Second week of Summer…

June 29, 2014

Our second week of Summer brings a little bit more learning:


A little bit of quite time (thank goodness:):


A little bit of  learning about wild animals:



A little bit of hanging at the pool:


And a great walk with the dogs:






Ten Years!

June 27, 2014

Today Sam and I celebrate our ten year anniversary!


And what a wonderful ten years it has been.


Happy Anniversary Sweetie. Here’s to the next ten years!






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